Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting to art journal again...

I think the New Year is a great starting point to get into art journaling again. I did this before, but - for various reasons - got away from it during the last months of 2011.

So now I´m sorting my blank books (I have a whole bunch of them, ´cause whenever I see one I like I just got to have it **LOL**). And I also have some I made myself. I think this time I´ll start with several journals instead of keeping just an "All-purpose"-one. There´s nothing wrong with this, but I want to stay somewhat "organised" - if that´s possible for me, because I´m the Queen of Chaos and Confusion ;)

I´m thinking about keeping an Idea Journal, a Brainstorming Journal, a Healing Journal, a Body Journal and a Watercolor Journal. And I love the idea of a Flip Journal (take a larger journal and divide/cut the pages in thirds, then decorate them individually). I already got the covers decorated for my Anger Journal:

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