Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What´s on your Workdesk? Wednesday - Again:)

Here we are again. This is my workdesk at the moment. I´m making greeting cards. There are several pocket cards still waiting to be decorated. The Christmas/Winter-card is already finished.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What´s on your Workdesk Wednesday

This is what´s on my workdesk right now - NEW TOYS - errr - STAMPS!!! Some funny old people, a cute girl with books and some Christmas stamps. YIPPEE! I had to try them out right now and color them with my markers. Guess I´ll make some greeting cards with them. Christmas is just around the corner, isn´t it?!?

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Art Journal Page

I´ve been in a Halloween mood lately;) Here´s a little tutorial of how I made my Halloween journal pages:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Journals

Ich habe lange gebraucht, um meinen Gefühlen, Erinnerungen und Erfahrungen Ausdruck zu verleihen und sie in Worte zu fassen. Auch heute schaffe ich das nicht immer. Bei all dem Mist, den ich erlebt habe, plagen mich immer noch Schuldgefühle.... Das Gefühl, selbst an dem Schuld zu sein, was ich erlebt habe. Und das Gefühl, wertlos zu sein.

Art Journaling und meine Therapeutin haben mir sehr geholfen. Oft habe ich in meinen Journals Dinge geschrieben, die ich nicht aussprechen konnte/kann und dies dann meiner Therapeutin gezeigt. Einige dieser Seiten, die ich gemacht habe, bleiben weitherhin "geheim".

Jedenfalls habe ich durch meine Erkrankung das Art Journaling für mich entdeckt. Es hilft mir, Dinge auszudrücken und auch loszuwerden.

"Art" Journaling bedeutet nicht, das die Seiten "schön" sein müssen. Und man muß auch nicht täglich Tagebuch führen (obwohl ich mir das schon oft vorgenommen habe;)). Ein paar dieser - zum Teil "unschönen" - Seiten findet ihr unten.

It took a long time to express my feelings, memories and experiences. I´m still not able to to this every time. With all this crap I experienced I still have feelings of guilt. The feeling, that I´m the one to blame for everything that happened to me. And the feeling of being worthless.

Art Journaling and my therapist have really helped me. Often I journaled about things I´m not able to speak out loud and showed these pages to my therapist. I still keep some of these pages secret.

I, for one, discovered art journaling through my illness. It helps me to express things and let them go.

"Art" journaling doesn´t mean all pages you make have to be "beautiful". And you don´t have to journal every day (although I planned on doing so several times;)) Here are some of these not so beautiful pages.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work in Progress....

new art journal page "Cat". The page is quite chunky, so it´s a little difficult to close the journal now.... ***LOL***

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another blog

and a challenge for me.

I just started a blog called "The Daily Bird". Somehow I had the strange idea I could make (means sketch, draw, paint, collage or whatever) a bird every day for a year. I´m not sure if I can keep up with this, but at least I´ll try!

Why don´t you just come over and join me?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - and another journal prompt:)

A happy, healthy and artsy New Year to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - or what else you celebrate:)

The prompt for these two journal pages is a question:

Am I too critical of myself?

These are the pages I created: